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Modelling and Politics

Is there any high profile profession that doesn’t have a link with politics somewhere? Modelling and fashion are no exception. To find out more visit http://www.fashion.arts.ac.uk/research/centres-and-hubs/historicalandculturalstudies/

Once a profession or an individual reaches a certain level of recognition, they are bound to get involved in politics in some way or another. This can be anything from standing for office to signing a petition, and can plunge you into a whole new world.

Joining the Campaign

Modelling and fashion have seen their fair share of political involvement. The relationship between the two worlds varies considerably depending on the themes of the time. The industry was at war with politicians over the 1990s “junkie” look, when many in government and governing bodies felt it was inappropriate and wasted no time saying so. There have been other times when supermodels and politicians have worked together to bring attention to certain causes.

In 1994, five supermodels posed naked for a PETA campaign entitled “I’d rather go naked than wear fur.” The supermodels; Naomi Campbell,  Emma, Tatjana Patitz, Heather Stuart-White and Fabienne Terwinghe were part of a massive anti-fur campaign but later, Campbell infuriated the anti-fur world by modelling fur at the Milan fashion show. Supermodel Cindy Crawford, who had been a spokesperson for PETA also signed a contract for a fur manufacturer. What had been a great example of models standing up for their ethics and supporting key fashion campaigns began to look more like opportunism.

Designers and Politics

There are fashion designers who are heavily involved in politics. The most notable is Katherine Hamnett, a key figure in the fashion industry for over 30 years, who is as well known for her passionate political views as for her clothes. Recently, Naomi Campbell appeared on the Hamnett runway wearing a vest which said “Use a Condom”. This, Hamnett said, was to help combat the spread of AIDS in Africa, where Campbell is a huge icon. Hamnett, along with fellow designer Stella McCartney also campaigns for the use of free-trade fabrics and against the sweat-shop production of clothing.

Also fairly recently, supermodel Carmen Kass announced that she wanted to stand for election as a European Member of Parliament in her home country of Estonia. With the number of celebrities standing for office, particularly in the USA, it may only be a matter of time before we see a modelling icon campaigning for votes.

Modelling: Handling the Media

Modelling is one of those professions where you rely on the media to make your name; but you still need to have control over your private life and how you are portrayed by the media when you’re not at work. From modelling men's hoodies at Triple S to promoting high end products and companies, being in the limelight is part and parcel of your job in order to help sell products to the consumer.

Supermodels are never out of the papers. Their celebrity, and the fact that they have other celebrities as friends and lovers means that they are ideal fodder for the media, particularly the tabloid press, who will go to great lengths to find out information that will attract readers.

On the other hand, there are many publications who are genuinely interested in modelling as a form of celebrity and you have to walk a fine line between maintaining a positive profile and ending up fighting for your privacy. It is a dilemma faced by all celebrities and although if you become famous enough, you will have someone to advise and control your dealings with the media, there are some key points to bear in mind that can help you maintain good relations with the press.

1.                  Tell the truth. It’s much better to tell the truth if you can. Phrase it well, and you’ll win additional fans.

2.                  Be brief. Don’t talk for the sake of talking. If a journalist asks you a question, keep the answer short and sweet.

3.                  Remember names. This is particularly important with the fashion media. If you can remember the names of the journalists and photographers, you’re already ahead.

4.                  Make it clear when your comments are off-the-record. If you don’t state it, and get it agreed to, you can’t complain later.

5.                  Leave time for photographs. You’re a model, so any feature about you will be accompanied by lots of photographs. Make sure there is enough time for the photographer to get what she or he wants.

6.                  Treat it as an opportunity. You should be in control of your appearance. Treat every media interview as an opportunity to show that you’re a professional with integrity.

7.                  Get professional advice. If you are lucky enough to become very well-known, then it will be useful for you to get some professional advice on dealing with the media. Your agent should be able to put you in touch with someone suitable, or speak to other models whose media profile you admire.

 Modelling is a media-driven profession, and if you become successful enough for the mainstream media to take notice of you, you must be confident and calm enough to handle the attention.


1960s Modelling

The 1960s saw a revolution in many areas and modelling was just one of them. Fashions for young people changed dramatically, and teenagers and twenty-somethings were customising their clothes and creating their own styles. The influences of the 1960s designers, models and photographers are still around today. To find out more visit http://www.fabsugar.co.uk/Key-Models-from-Sixties-1960s-3115463


There was so much going on in the 1960s that it’s almost impossible to talk about modelling without mentioning art, music, film and television. The teenagers and young people of the 1950s were confident and took charge of trends in the 1960s, creating a double society; the people who were young, free and liberated, and the generation that still dressed and acted the way of 15 years previously.

The demands of the youth market encouraged the production of cheap, bright fashions that could be bought in small boutiques or on market stalls. Heavily influenced by the new music that was appearing, young people began to design their own fashions, rather than waiting for the traditional designers to do it for them. They, along with established designers, experimented with colour, fabric and imported ideas from non-western cultures.

A Modelling Career

The impact of television, radio and magazines was huge. Actresses like Diana Rigg shot to fame, as did pop singers. Their styles of clothing and hair were copied across the world by young people who had more disposable income than ever before. These stars, particularly the women, acted as role models to young women who were beginning to question to “ideal” of marrying and becoming a housewife.

Modelling became a career in its own right in the 1960s. This was the start of the Supermodel phenomenon, where models themselves could sell the clothes – if Twiggy was wearing it, it was an immediate success. Models with very slim figures, huge, heavily made-up eyes and child-like looks were almost guaranteed fame, as they could wear the Mary Quant mini-skirts and the high fashion from houses that had taken hold of the trends and were providing what the market wanted rather than what it thought they should have.

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Gent’s neck ties – 3 fantastic ties

Although ties are worn less as an everyday item today, they can still dress up a gent’s outfit very well, adding a touch of class to an otherwise ordinary ensemble. Accessorising works for men as much as it does for women, and if you want to throw a dash of colour and style to your wardrobe, picking up a few ties can help.

Here are 3 neck ties that could be perfect for you:

1) Plain black silk tie
Some people think black ties are only suitable for funerals, but this isn’t so. If you save yours for these occasions only you are missing out on loads of chances to look sharp and suave. A black tie always looks great with a grey or black suit or even dark jeans, shirt and waistcoat.

2) Knitted tie
Knitted ties are super-stylish and very popular at the moment. The square-ended knitted ties that are available in a multitude of high street shops, and specialist retailers like Simply Ties, look particularly good and could add some style to your outfit.

3) Paisley tie
If you are a fan of retro style perhaps a paisley tie is what you need. This pattern is evocative of the swinging 60s and a whole rainbow of colours can be chosen for this type of neck tie.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Matrix Sleek Look Hair Products

Need to calm your hair and get salon style? Matrix sleek look hair products could be the answer.

If you’re fed up with frizzy hair or products that won’t let you straighten successfully, introduce yourself to the Matrix range of sleek look hair products. When controlling your hair, straight or curly, is important to you, you need to make sure that you’re buying lotions or sprays that do the job successfully, giving you the polished look you want.

Salon Finish With Matrix Sleek Look

The salon-finished look is the envy of many men and women – looking great when you come out of the salon is a fantastic feeling, but often one that’s difficult to replicate at home. If you’ve been struggling to get the perfect, shiny look you remember, all you need to do is invest in the right hair care products. Matrix is a leading salon brand that has developed a range of “sleek look” products, all designed to help you achieve hair perfection whether you’re curling, straightening or controlling:

  • Shampoo and conditioner – the Matrix Sleek Look range isn’t just about styling products; it’s about looking after your hair from the word go. That’s why the range includes specially-formulated shampoos and conditioners. Traditional cleaning and moisturising effects are enhanced by locking in additional moisture and making the hair smooth, easy to brush through and well-moisturised. This in turn helps you to blow dry without frizz and with extra control.

  • Stylish products – if you regularly straighten your hair, or if it’s got natural curl and you want definition and shine, choose the Matrix Sleek Look product range. Offering you exceptional results, products such as the Sealing Serum, Blow Down Lite Lotion and Iron Smoother spray are all designed to protect your hair from styling damage whilst giving you great shine and sleek salon results.

  • System – you could use Matrix Sleek Look individually with your existing washing and styling products, but you’ll get a much better result if you’re consistent with your regime and use cleansing, conditioning and styling elements from the whole range. It’s the best way to get the best results, particularly if uncontrollable or frizzy hair is a daily problem for you.

Paul Mitchell Conditioner – Looking After Your Hair

If you don’t already use conditioner, you should start. Your hair is exposed to a range of threats – from the pollution on your way to work to the product you use to style your hair. Your hair may already be damaged and in need of some tender loving care, and you need to start replenishing the natural moisture that gets lots to heat styling and sunshine. Paul Mitchell conditioner products can help you to restore your hair to its natural good health.

Which Paul Mitchell Conditioner?

Paul Mitchell is a leading hair care brand and as such, offers a range of solutions for all sorts of hair types. This means that you should be able to find the perfect conditioner for your hair, no matter what individual issues you have. Whether your colour is getting dull, your hair frizzes when you style, or you have trouble with brittle hair, finding a Paul Mitchell conditioner is a step towards repair and natural shine:

  • Colour Protect Daily Conditioner – if you colour your hair on a regular basis, you’ll know how important it is to keep your hair in good condition so that you get the most from your colour. This product helps to detangle your hair, repair damage and add moisture, giving you longer-lasting colour and healthier shine.

  • Hair Repair Treatment – if you know that your hair is damaged and it needs some care and attention, turn to the Paul Mitchell conditioner that helps with hair repair. Get back that shine and volume that makes you feel great by using this product to give your hair extra strength and to lock in the moisture that will help to keep your hair looking great.

  • Super Skinny Daily Treatment – if you suffer from flyaway hair or you have trouble when styling, try the Super Skinny Daily Treatment – part of the Paul Mitchell Conditioner range. This formula is designed to strengthen hair, repair damage to the ends of hair strands and add the all-important shine.

  • Tea Tree Special Conditioner – tea tree oil is used in many beauty products because of its calming and soothing nature. In this product, it is blended with lavender and peppermint to give a refreshing feel and smell, as well as protecting your hair, leaving it soft and shiny.
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